Spring Gardening

It’s been a stormy winter but it will soon be a distant memory…we hope!   For the gardeners among us the season is well underway.  Spring is probably the busiest season in the garden, plants are waking up, tidying is done after winter, and new plants are sewn for the year ahead.

Hurrying to get these jobs done after we have hibernated on the couch for a few months can increase the risk of injury or possibly result in low back pain.  Here are some simple tips to help avoid this where possible:

·         Wear loose clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

·         Warm-up!  Gardening is like any other exercise so start with lighter jobs and graduate to heavier ones.

·         Use a ladder sensibly, move it regularly.

·         Avoid overstretching, position yourself as close to the job at hand as possible.

·         Invest in some long handled secateurs.

·         Vary your activity, spend no more than 30 minutes on one job.

·         Lift heavy items close to your body.  Bend your knees.

·         Take regular breaks, your back will thank you!

Hope this helps. Enjoy gardening, and the long awaited spring!