Sport Chiropractic

Injury is not the only problem for sports enthusiasts, whether they are weekend warriors or professionals. Many find that a plateau in sporting performance is reached, and that improving beyond this point proves difficult regardless of the effort put in. This is why many serious sports people consult a Chiropractor, and ultimately the reason for the inclusion of Chiropractors in the London Olympics Polyclinic.

For example, when a runner injures a calf midway through a race, or a hamstring is pulled while kicking a ball in the same way as it has been kicked a thousand times before, it may not be the running or kicking that directly causes the injury. Perhaps a previously undetected joint problem, or years of poor posture habits are the underlying cause.

It is worth considering that repeated stresses on the body can lead to a slight loss of proper movement patterns. This may be due to pain that has been ignored while participation in exercise continues without appropriate treatment.

To discover the reasons for the above the Chiropractor will carry out a full examination and question you regarding your sporting life and aims, then assess posture, medical history and lifestyle. Once this has been done treatment can commence.

All treatment options to reach your goals will be discussed with you. Treatment will normally be accompanied by an exercise programme aimed at preventing injury and promoting optimum muscle and joint function. This in turn may increase co-ordination, strength and control.

It is common for a Chiropractor to see patients with problems of the shoulder, neck, elbow, back, hip, knee and foot.

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